Thursday, October 23, 2008

What would you do?

A man and a TV crew are on your lawn. They knock on your door. You open it and they scream..."You've just won a million dollars! What are you gonna do?"

Me, poop in pants, on ground passed out!

Okay, okay. so tonight I brought this question up to some of my employees and some of the answers were interesting.

We all agreed that in this economy that 1 million dollars would not go THAT far, but we weren't complaining, we'd take the money. Some said the first thing they'd do is take a 6 week vacation and come back to work, others said buy a house (yah, in Hawaii, that million would go fast!), others pay bills, others said they'd invest it.

For a moment, I went to that fictional what if land and thought what WOULD I do? And so this is what my first 3 OH-MY-GOD-I-CANT-BELIEVE-I-JUST-WON-THIS-MUCH-MONEY spending would go towards....

1. Pay off my mothers debts! Lord knows I'm part of the reason why she has it.
2. Pay off my husbands and my debts.
3. Take a vacation to Disneyland with ALL my family on me! (man that would be so f-ing awesome! Being with the whole gang! At Disneyland!)

alright and than I thought of...

4. Take a paid vacation to Europe with my BFF's. IDK, I saw Sex and the City recently and maybe I wouldn't mind going to Mexico to that really awesome looking resort...but would be like Miranda and not into the food. IDK...

5. Put 100K away for my daughter. No touchy touch until she's 21. She can have 15% of it when she's 18 but the rest not until then.

6. Help my sis pay off her very affordable home in PA. If only homes were that cheap here in HI.

Well, it's not much of a post tonight but....

What would YOU do if you won a million dollars? Your top 3!

Air Kisses (each cheek cause that's how we fake millionaires roll),


2 ramblings of your own:

Kalei said...

first: bills paid for mom, you, sam, chas and I. next, Uncle Kurt would get a quick payoff (for being my god dad) Grandpa, Grandma(for sure!)then the rest would be invested and a bit put aside for the girls. I think I would try not to squander it.....but if I did: a nice quiet trip to Aussie land and go to the "top of the world".

Krissy said...

#1: Bills - because we've got a shitload.
#2: Tuition - for Nicodemus because he's going to take over the world one day
#3: Business - i would like to buy our own restaurant/bar so that the money can keep coming in.
#4: House - so we can have a home for ourselves (i know you didn't ask for 4 things, but i wanted to be an individual...oh yah)