Saturday, November 08, 2008

Loan required...:)

I've jokingly, (but really meant seriously, sorta), spoke with my mother if she wanted to contribute to the "help-a-rambler-get-an-Iphone" cause.

My mother: Laughs, stops, laughs again
ME: No, Serious!
Mother: Laughs again
ME: No, REALLY, wanna help a daughter out? (wink wink)
Mother: Isn't there more inexpensive phones? Do you NEEEED this?

My mother, the ever practical lady! ((sigh))She's right.
Yes, I am a sucker. Yes, I don't NEED it, I just WANT it. I'm 33, married with a kid...

....I should be bothering my husband! :)

4 ramblings of your own:

Becky said...

Those phones are cool and I wouldn't turn down a free one but I just can't justify the $300 plus the more costly plan right now (it goes toward hair coloring instead :) Plus, the one that calls/texts me the most is Ted.

Rhaingel said...

know what? your mom's laughter is contagious. haha! As for me, you need it. It's right that you can always live life without it, that it wasn't a primary need but hey, can you live the rest of your life with those could-have-been's about the phone? Money can be earned but the happiness and satisfaction that you were able to reward yourself? it comes once in a lifetime, dear. Think again. :)

Kalei said...

don't do it. if you break it down that totals: 15 packs of diapers (84 qty each, mainland price), 30 packs of Target brand wipeys, 300 dollar menu chicken nuggets (for maddie of coarse) or fries, 10-20 lunches at LL drive in (ohhhh i miss that chix katsu, or loco get the drift. You will like it for a few months, then you will have used all the cool features, but won't use them again. The coolest part is turning the phone on its side over and over and pinching the picture to make it smaller than larger. you'll be over it after the 3 bill from ATT. Love you.

Sherendipity said...

You know, I was having a conversation with myself on the way to work this morning:
Me: We want an iphone.
Me: Yes, we do. Do we need an iphone?
Me: We want an iphone.
Me: We really don't need one, do we?
Me: No, but we sure want one.
Me: Ya, we sure do want one, whether we need one or not. Sometimes we need to get us stuff because we need to get us stuff.
Me: Is that really so bad?
Me: Not as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't happen very often.