Saturday, November 15, 2008

This mama is beat...

Nothing long today.

Just that work was long. and weird.

In a nutshell... work day started at 6:30 am

...a man farted in response to my question of needing a coffee refill.

...I spent 2 hours as a plumbers assistant fixing a pipe of my restaurant that busted open in my neighbors scuba shop. (THAT SUCKED!)

...a woman sucked down ONE alcoholic beverage in 2 seconds and got so drunk in the following 2 seconds, I thought I might have to call an ambulance, (in between scrubbing the walls of the scuba shop with what my pipes puked out. did I mention that SUCKED!), until she hiccuped herself awake and walked out to her husband.

...saw an old classmate that came in for lunch with her family (and I didn't look good. that's gonna be her first time seeing me in 16 years and I look like I'd been scrubbing walls...did I say that SUCKED yet?) for dinner and only needing 3 items. 15 items later, I came home (Damn it, why can't I just stick to my, cookies on sale...stick to the list, stick to the list....mmmm, chocolatey chocolate goodness on sale too...).

I'm home. Dinner was cooked, the kid was given her bath, the kitchen was cleaned and this blog has been written.

Folks, until tomorrow!

6 ramblings of your own:

Sherendipity said...

Sounds like a full day!!

Kalei said... least it was the scuba shop....they like water, right?

Shorty said...

Left you something on my blog...don't feel obligated but I wanted to share!

Maki said...

Ahhhh tough day, huh????

I feel for you, my girlfriend!!!

Cheer up - tomorrow is another day:)

ps - I'm loving the pic of that cute little kittie!!!!!!!

The Bush Family said...

seriously he farted! That is so not right! Hope your days are much better than this one was :) and December 17th ROCKS! :)

Penz said...

what a day love.. :)