Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Idol Night....Louisville

How do you say Louisville?

I'm hoping for a better show than last night's San Fran contestants...tryout's...whatever :)

Sure bet gal....Oh goodness...almost seems like another bad prom dress girl from last night. Lets see if she still walks out with a positive attitude if she doesn't make it. Like she states. Song choice....Hero by Mariah Carey. Simon called her a donkey...comparing it to the racetracks of horses at the end line. Surprise. She didn't make it....and she's a little pissy about it. She belts out Mariah while mom stands there and closes her eyes and sways to the "beauty" of her daughters voice.

Joanna P....trying to make it, since 16....she's cute. You wanna like her. Cara recognized her. I like her too Cara! They all say yes. And she's crying. Your gonna make me cry girl. Stop! Your good.

Mark Mudd....he's had bad luck...almost died 5 times....a little scary. Be careful?? Threat?? You tell him Paula! WEIRD. Mark, not Paula (hahaha)

Brent...He's a hottie...I'd blush if he looked at me while singing and winked...(cause they do that sometimes)....The judges are bantering back and forth while this guy stands there. They all say yes.

They keep bringing up the Supernerd...he better be interesting.

Commercial break thought: Don't people have friends, enemies, parents to tell them gently, politely that singing is not for them? You know, as I sit here, I hope I have the fortitude to be able to tell my kid if she sounds really bad that maybe she should sit it out. I don't know, could any of you?

How was that sheep girl?

Zebra guy. NO WAY!

Very large Michael Jackson crack me up.

Piano guy...lets see if you can do it. You seem sweet. He makes me think of Robin Thicke & Elliot Yamin..(me and Simon were right there). Your through to Hollywood.

oh, oh, it's Supernerd....dude your losing me with this Chinese stuff. I hope all this studying can help you sing. Dude, your losing Paula again. Kidding, she's curious why your here. It's a singing contest. I'm not sure how to describe you and your singing. You laugh, so I laugh. You make a funny. No, you did! I'm laughing so hard right now cause you just took a drink of Paula's water and made sweet love to her straw. I'm dying!

Day 2 auditions...

Stay at home mom....her daughter is so cute...Aretha go girl. They all say yes.

Stop yawning you Paula, Simon, Randy, Cara....I'm tired, it's late.

Loving the pumped up Whooaaa guy! Loving the energy. Wish you could wake me up in the morning. Aaron....he's gonna be....whoa....screaming it, not singing it....LOL. Ryan has come in to check out the commotion. Awww, he's didnt make it and deflated. Too intense! Bummer, get em next year.

The News gal. She looks tall. She has a cheatsheet on her arm. Ewww, stop singing...please, please...No really, STOP! I bet the News guy is hitting himself cause you look like you can sing. Tall News Gal, I AGREE with Simon. Give up music. I'm sorry they made you cry though.

Felicia...I like your Natasha Bedingfield...I love her.

Here's the touching story part of the show. Wow, her mom looks more like her sister. And mom is funny. This is love...watching them appreciate each other...a little tear. Hope you sound good. Wow, I like-y your original are fun. I hope you make your mama those millions :)

11 ramblings of your own:

Cammie said...

I was wondering if you would mention the very large guy.

His name is Patrick (duh, on the shirt) he is from my home town and works with a local radio stations morning show. They sent them there on a dare to see if he could get on. He was actually on last year too but just really quick. That is ALL they were talking about this morning. He is a total nerd that used to stalk there show and finally they just brought him in.

Melissa said...

This season seems a little blahhh??? Can't put my finger on it. There a few good ones last week. Can't wait to see until next week.

Melissa said...

Oh and I'm going to have to back and watch the shows 'with' you ;)

Unknown said...

I'm really not happy because they didn't show Steven. :( Maybe he'll be on next week or Hollywood week? Ugh. Oh well.

It was still a great show... I felt SO BAD for Rebecca and the comment Kara made!! No matter how terrible she was, you just don't assume something like that! Geesh.

Maki said...

Damn it, I missed last night:(

It's sooo chilly here in FL - help me.. Can I come back to the island and would you hug me?

Lyndsay said...

Ack! You are making me want to watch TV and I'm weaning off the TV addiction, LOL!

Unknown said...

I don't normally watch AI but I had it on in the background last night, while I was reading a book. I felt sorry for the News Gal and how they thought she was making a joke of her audition and she almost started crying. You're right now, I'm tone deaf and I've never had a problem with family or friends being shy about how bad my voice is.

Katy said...

I love this show and cannot wait to see what happens next week. Love your comments on this.

MammaDucky said...

Ok, not sure how I missed this, but on TMZ they have a clip of a guy, Mark Mudd. Horrible singer, but nice guy. Upon being told no, he told them "Take care and be careful." Apparently the judges thought he was threatening them! Poor guy looked so confused. It's a southern thang. I ALWAYS tell people "be careful" when I'm leaving/they're leaving. It's always, "ok hun, take care, be careful." The judges should apologize to the poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder how they pass people through but then it's all edited so it's so hard to say. My favorite part is when they do the musical horror montage. Soooo bad.

Anonymous said...

i felt sorry for Mr. Mudd since they obviously singled him out as the creep de jour