Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Not Mom-a-licous....Guest Post #3

Welcome friends to the third installment of my guest posting while on vacation. I'm hoping you all had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!

I stalked Mom-a-licous until she HAD to come over and friend me. We decided we were very much alike and promised forever friendships. (well, I did anyway....still waiting for her to to check the box yes). Please enjoy this hilariously awesome lady today.


Hey everybody! When The Rambler asked me to guest post, I was so excited! No one has ever asked me to do something of this magnitude. I mean a chance to whore my blog out on another person's blog?! And one with such a great following. Awesome about sums it up for me!

Of course, at first, I wasn't in the least bit nervous because it wouldn't be my fault if I bombed. Well, even if it was my fault she was the one who asked, right? I wondered if I should talk about things that I talk about on my blog. (Isn't that like great product placement? I know, that's what I was thinking! Seriously though, some of them are funny posts. Kind of.)

So then I started thinking about what I was going to write. And my deadline began to approach fast. I started to get a little nervous while I racked my brain about what topics to write about. I thought about asking her, but the reason she wanted a guest poster was so she didn't have to think about that part!

Then the anxiety started kicking in and when I get anxious I tend to talk very fast and in very long run on sentences where it seems like I never come up for air until I literally can't breathe anymore at which point I might stop to gasp for a small breath but only in order to finish the one long continuous thought I was trying to get across. Yeah, kind of like that.

I figured I would talk about how awesome The Rambler is. I know we all know this, but I mean it genuinely. Every time I think of her, I always picture her smiling. Never in a bad mood. And on top of being funny, she always has such nice things to say and such great words of encouragement.

But then I realized that I think we already know all of her qualities and how she can't handle cat attacks and how all the boys she works with are obsessed with b0Obs. So I figured I would maybe start going into how Lil' Rambler is just adorable. And her and my son, The Kid, are very close in age. As mothers, we can relate to so much on so many levels.

Then, as I was thinking about how charming our two children are, I started thinking about what it would be like if someday they met. Maybe my family would be on vacation in Hawaii, and we would eat at The Rambler's restaurant. Somehow, The Rambler and I would recognize each other. We'd introduce our kids. They'd fall in love. Next thing you know I have a timeshare in Hawaii that has The Rambler's address.

I started picturing how adorable my grandchildren would be. The Kid's blue eyes, Lil' Rambler's curly locks. I was going to morph their two little pictures together to see what my future grandchildren would look like. *sigh* They would be "Ramb-a-licious". Heavenly. We could plan summer and holiday vacations together. I've always wanted to visit Hawaii. Now I could maybe live there! (sidenote from Rambler..How SICK is that? the good hip kind of sick....Ramb-a-licious!!! I love her)

Then I realized that there was a possibility that this could all boarder on stalking charges. Not that I can drop everything in a minute to jump on a plane to fly to Hawaii to show up at her restaurant just to meet her. But stranger things have happened.

So Rambler can I have another week to think about a really good topic to write about? Just let me know!

Ahhh, how I heart thee. Forever yours Mom. Forever yours.

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kel said...

I love this post!! Awesome!! Gonna go check you bloggy blog now!

Linda Hughes said...

This post is Rambalicious! Kudos to both of you!

MammaDucky said...

He he he, made me giggle. I shall check her out promptly!!

Mammatalk said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Am I supposed to comment on my own post?
Oh what a witty, charming and delightful guest poster you had today! What a great way to start my week.
Hope you are having fun on vacation!

Martha said...

Rambolicious. Love, love, love IT!! I tell ya, Rambler has a nose, a Goddess given talent, for finding genius bloggers who I adore. Off to visit her blog. xx Thank you so much!

MommyAmy said...

Ha ha! I love So Not Mom-a-licious! I did a little happy dance when I heard she was going to guest post for you, and she certainly did not disappoint. :P

Anonymous said...

I already read and love you both so this was fantastic.

Suzi said...

That was pretty Ram-Ba-Licious. Another wonderfully entertaining guest post. Great job Mom-A-Licious!

WhisperingWriter said...

Love this.

And Hawaii....I so want to go to Hawaii...whenever anyone mentions Hawaii I immediately think of beaches and, okay, my favorite show Lost since it's filmed there. It's been my dream to totally stalk the Lost set.

I'm off to check out your blog!

Christina said...

A little self-promotion never hurt anyone!

Great post!

Tooj said...

SoNot....very nice guest post. :) You "dun" good. Let me know when you jump on that jet plane. I think I probably have some bizness to attend to in Hawaii myself.

Medela backpack said...

This is awesome stuff, keep posts like this coming, I am totally impressed!