Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Today, this title signifies my abilities of yesterday. I think in everyone's life (many times over for some) you have a day where you just can't get your crap straight. Your normally the go to person, but today you have become the NOT to go person. It's almost like watching a train wreck, cause you can see yourself but you can't stop yourself. Or rather start yourself.

Yesterday, I hit my bottoming out level of energy and when I got to work, all I could do was move extremely slow in order to do what was needed to be done correctly. But, I feel that this type of behavior is allowed quarterly. (Monthly might be excessive and you could get the Slacker title permanently).

Well, that's all my slacker motivating self can muster up for a post today so you all enjoy your day.

Da Slacka (Rambla)

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older sister said...

Oh my God...You are the least lazy
"slackerest?" person I can think of. Most of the time I see you running on Air..Being the mommy I am I always worry about you. You deserve a brain dead day.

Love you.....