Monday, July 16, 2007

Good days...Bad days...

I don't know. I woke up this morning from probably one of the busiest lunches I've ever worked in an extremely long long time. This one beat my swing shift Thanksgiving 2005 where by the end of my shift a guest threatened me with her lawyer who she tried to call in New Jersey! (whatever!) He never answered!...

Back to today. Or yesterday. It started off pretty early. Early like my eyes opened accidently 3 minutes before my alarm went off. (Don't you hate that, like those 3 minutes could make or break my day) and my body wouldn't cooperate. My eyelids opened slowly one by one. I would say about 3 minutes apart. I groped for my toothbrush worrying if I didn't do that first, I might forget in my zombie like state. Got myself together and in the car by 5:40 am. Yup, that's right 5:40 am. I can hear my friend saying..."I get up early like that everyday for work So SUCK IT UP."
Pretty much during the drive I made a promise to my body I would be kind to it, if possible. Forgive the early start, I told it.

We started a breakfast that went harmlessly and swiftly.

Before I knew it, lunch had come about and the only downfall was a no-show host...mmm, common in my business as every evening is party time like it's going out of style (to be their age again ;o)
I consider myself very level-headed when we go in chaos mode and I'm usually the one to get everyone caught up or at least helping them keep their heads out of the water. But today, I needed someone to help keep my head out of the water. Despite the insane amount of guests to the small amount of staff we had to take care of them, most of them were extremely pleasant and very understanding to any EXTRA length of time they had to wait. This made it a GOOD day for me. I provided a service and they liked what they got.

Today, I was tired. But, I didn't feel like I would have that bad day. Not like the kind that makes you extremely crazy, but the kind that reminds you why you can't stand certain things, people, places, etc. Someone said the wrong thing today that reminded me why sometimes I hate my place of employment. This made it a BAD day. But I stop here because most of my friends (which are few) know my bitch and moan story. Cause we all share it, different day same you-know...

Anyway, hope you all have a good day! By the way, yesterday in the craziness of it all, I looked at the pepsi machine with such longing. I thank the chef who I told, I don't know, I really could use one to "calm" me. It's my cigarette I suppose. BUT, glad to report, I'm only on day 5 until my next day 21 cheat day. So me, myself and I DID NOT succumb to the addiction.

Tired, Tired, Rambling fool of a Rambler

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