Thursday, July 12, 2007

My cheat day

So, I did it....I got to my 21 day cheat day and I chugged what felt like a pool full (relax, only did like the medium size from Taco Bell) of cola....

Miss A was right, it did taste damn good and with the tacos, it was like so fricking yummy. The great thing is that I don't miss it today. I know that in 21 more days from yesterday I get to have another one.

I did freak out a little and I was convinced it put back on the 11 pounds' I've lost since this thing started. My bad root canal helped it along giving me 5 of those 11 pounds due to me not eating for several days. Glad to report this morning that I was still at my 11 pound loss.

Well, I'm tired and will write more later.

A very tired (but cola-satisfied) Rambler

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