Sunday, July 08, 2007

Goodbye to an old best friend (for now)

Goodbye, my friend....

Ahhhh, the sweet sweet taste of a good coca-cola on a hot day...maybe with some nice hot french fries and a juicy greasy hamburger with ketchup...

Do you hear my record screeching to a stop? Well, I decided to take a stand against the horrible addiction of the flavorful, delicious...wait, I mean the evil evil sinful tastes of this dreaded thirst (soul) quenching beverage.

You see, being a new mom, I either drink coffee to stay up and was up until 20 days ago, Pepsi/Coke was the other caffeinated drink to keep me going through the day. Yes, it's been as of Monday July 9, 20 (twenty) days of no coca-cola products.

I work in the restaurant which gives me immediate access to a soda machine (free of charge). It's been a challenge and some of my fellow staff members who have an IV hooked up to the soda machine told me I was crazy! Yeah, but as you look at this lovely photo of FAT BASTARD
I felt like this fat tub of lard. Minus the hairy chest of course..really! Anyway, because I am tired of only fitting in my maternity wear pants because it's the only comfortable thing, I gave up one of my biggest vice's.

I've had a long long relationship with this habit addicting carbonated drink. Warm, cold and even in a frozen concoction that is frickin fabulous with buttered popcorn at the movies....I blame some friends of mine that really got me hooked on that combination. They know who they are.

Alright, I blame no one but my fat self....First step right?

So wish me luck. Maybe just maybe this first step without the daily 2o zillion gallons of my beloved favorite makes me say ahhh everytime I drink it beverage will help in the battle of the bulge.

Just so you all know, I've also altered my eating habit. More greens never hurt anyone ;o)

So long...

Da Rambler

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