Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sensory Overload

I had to share this.

I came home after some midnight shopping (because it's easier and faster without the baby)
It was a sorta busy day, so my body was ready for a nice hot shower to cleanse the soul and wash away the grossness of my work shift. Even though after the shower the clock read 1:45 am, I thought, um, I have a boost of energy. I will clean the kitchen and put away all the groceries I just purchased, wash Maddie's bottles, and any "other" things I might need. Here is the sensory overload part.

I had a bottle that Maddie hadn't finished apparently which her formula went from liquid to a disgusting stinky mush, at the same moment I looked over, (thinking if I don't look at me cleaning the bottle I won't smell it), to the dog corner and Mookie had pooped on his pee pad (Good Dog! but not at that moment). In the next mili-second I went to put the towel that I had wrapped around my wet hair, over my mouth to hopefully breathe in NON-dog poop, mushy stinky formula silently praying to not lose the food I'd eaten earlier. But as I put the wet hair'd towel to my face, I thought,

"didn't I wipe my butt dry with this towel?" And it became too much for me. I started to gag from the sensory overload of putrid smells that made it's way up my nostrils. This happened maybe 10 minutes ago.

Farewell, good night (or good morning, whatever)

A Clean but grossed out Rambler

Disclaimer: My butt was extremely clean but it was the thought that I had it once on my butt and now it was wrapped tightly around my nose and mouth and you can see how my tired brain went a little loco!

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