Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mental Nablopomo Block

Yes, they tell you it happens.

When you engross yourself into posting for 30 straight days it's like the creative juices are sucked from your fingertips and your brain recedes as far back as it possibly can (maybe I pooed it out?).

The attention span needs to be focused so at a moments brain fart of ingenious banter of letters put together can joyously spill on the page. Today, I've started 2 posts. When I say started, that's all. There is no middle or end.

I wrote a title and thought how I wanted to tackle the subject....and then my mind wandered....and then my dog barked at me to give him water...and then my daughter just learned to push her stool to the sink and I hear the water (lots of it) going...OH GoD....What?...Rightttt, my entry for today's blog???....I'll get to it later.

That was this morning. No motivation whatsoever to sit and write. I've read alot today, hoping for a kick in the brain to find something to write about. I did, but only great titles with no substance to attach.

So, while sitting at the drive thru for dinner (because I was also unmotivated to make a home-cooked meal) a dim bulb went on and I knew. Blog about the fact that you can't blog today. While eating a McTeri Burger in one hand and one eye on my daughter munching her grapes, apples and plain cheeseburger I typed.

Whew. It's over. I've done it. Please, my brain is begging me. Just stop now...:)

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Lady with a View said...

Rambler - when I have writers block, there are a few tactics I use...some of them are really quite fun.

Pick some random "thing" up. It could be a pencil - and give it a name. Write ONE paragraph about the pencil and it's life...or just describe it using the most descriptive, silly words you can find. If you have severe block - there are websites for adjectives.

Write a story backwards. Start with the ending - this works for me because it's a change of perspective and it works with fiction or non-fiction.

Just ideas that have helped me - but regardless - CONGRATS on not giving in and sticking to the 30 posts in 30 days!!!


Shorty said...

I can relate about the blogger's brain drainage. Sometimes while I'm out and about I'll have some great ideas to blog about, but when I get back to my computer the idea evaporates. I've gone for days without coming up with something, so Kudos to You for getting through it and keeping up with your goal. Love your posts!

Maki said...


It's hard to keep writing posts for 30 days, isn't it? But many blogger who've committed themselves for this craziness doing what you did today!

Relax and enjoy - because I definitely enjoy reading this post:)

Sherendipity said...

"Random" has always been my favourite...even before nablowme!