Monday, May 11, 2009

It's about time I answer some of these....

I don't know what it is, but I can't sit down and write a decent post to save my life. Maybe I'm itching for my vacation and I can't focus.

I started two different topics tonight and usually somethings always gets me going and I feel really good about it.

But no. Not tonight.

I started searching the draft section of my blog. And found one that said.

"Do me, right here....I've been waiting....come on, over here...that's right...ahhhhhh."

Ahem, so back in March I asked my bloggy pals to ask me anything.

Lady With a View asked: Do you believe a woman's coffee is a direct reflection of the complexity of her personality? For example - let's say you are behind a woman who wants a a "Iced Single Vente, 7 pump Peppermint, Caramel Sauce Top and Bottom, Light Ice, No whip, Mocha" - do you judge her by this? What do you think of women who only add a little sweetner to their coffee? Are they simplistic? As a tag-a-long question - how complicated is your coffee and can you draw any correlation between it and your personality?

**This is the most random subject that I could think of and is inspired only by the fact that it is 7:50AM here and I just finished my coffee**

Mmmmmm.....Lady you know me so well. And I'll tell you. I have NO problem with the ones that stand in line that say:

"Grande no hotter then 150 degrees but no less then 140. Skim milk (must be have expiration date not within 7 days of today) added after stewing the espresso in the cup for 10 seconds, 1/2 pump of Sugar-Free Vanilla, 1/4 pump Sugar Free Dulce Luce and 1/4 pump Sugar Free Mocha. Leave 1 inch at the top."


Grande Espresso Truffle HOT with Whip.

Eh, I'm a bit of a simple girl.

The ONLY time I'll judge someone in the Starbucks coffee line is when they don't know what the hell their ordering....Move over. Read my rules before you stand in line.

Side note: My dear Lady With a View is no longer 'around' but I know she'll be back one day.

Shorty said...

What to ask you....hmmm. Ok, how bout this one... what is your biggest weakness? Not food or drink items, but an actual habit or vice that makes you feel horribly guilty each time you do or don't do whatever that weakness is.

Can you tell I'm hoping you'll have the same weakness as me so that I'll feel better about myself??? Guilted misery lovin' some company....

So I'm gonna say that my greatest weakness is also my greatest strength.

My kid.

I'm guilty if I don't spend enough quality time with her but yearn for a moment to myself and then back to guilty for wanting that and then back to wanting quality's a vicious cycle I'm sure all mom's have.


Tooj said...

I have questions that you might have covered in other older posts. How did you end up in Hawaii? Have you always lived there?

My family is from Hawaii. I am a mix of Hawaiian-Chinese-German-French-Dutch.

My parents traveled as Resort Hotel managers and we lived places such as Rarotonga (near Tahiti) and the Micronesian Islands.

My sister and I grew up as Hotel Brats.

Ate in restaurants, rode in helicopters, went along on scuba diving expeditions (OK, me and Antibloggedy stayed above while the adults did the fun stuff), learned about cultures similar to Hawaiians but not, had a native Micronesian nanny take me with her on things such as catching Octopus while on her hip and laying jellyfish traps on the beach.

Do you see the octopus there on the right....and me on the hip?

Thank you to everyone for their extremely FUNNY FUNNIES on Friday. Really cheered me up. Perfect way to go into Mothers Day Weekend.

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Sapphire said...

That's so cool! @ the last photo/question.
That's so weird! @ first question.
I'm not a coffee drinker, so I can't relate!

Em said...

Wow! What a childhood!! Very. Cool.

I understand the post thing as well, though I don't see it here with you. I was scrubbing some old stuff this weekend (I think in laws have discovered my blog - gr) and I had to shamefully admit, some of my old stuff is pretty good.

These days, not so much.

I'm sure it has something to do with my youngest giving up nap time. It has taken me over a half hour to read your post and get a comment back.

What's a complete thought?

Saskia said...

Wow, what a heritage you have!! How interesting your childhood must have been!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your answers.

Saskia x

pan x 8 said...

That is so great! Kind of like the adventures of Suite Life of Zach and Cody (sorry @ the reference - kids are totally into that right now!) Love the randomness of the questions - I don't drink coffee but I do love hot chocolate and really why is it that we love to spend quality time with our kiddies but then crave to have alone time! Kind of a Catch 22, don't you think? ;p

Anonymous said...

that octopus looks.... weird.

mo.stoneskin said...

I have a problem with anyone that holds up the queue with a silly order...

...grouchiness is a virtue right?

lagirl said...

I don't drink coffee, EVER! I'm a Sonic Diet Cherry Coke Girl Not sure what that says about me, and maybe I'm better off that way. Ya think?

Anonymous said...

I'm a tea girl myself, but I'm always assumed by the really complicated orders. How many things did you try before you figured out that is exactly how you want your drink? It boggles my mind.

I definitely feel the guiltly mom cycle.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize there were so many non-coffee drinkers like me out there. What do you think of all of us? I don't like coffee or tea - but love the smells though.

What Micronesian islands did you live on? We lived on Guam for 3 years and miss it. Loved Hawaii and Saipan when we visited.

Tooj said...

I DID ask that question! I had forgotten. LOL Thanks for the recap. I remember seeing that picture in another post of yours, but the added "hotel brat" part brings it all together. I would hold up the line if I tried ordering anything coffee related. I drink hot chocolate. With whipped cream. :)

Sticky (not too) said...

Totally agree with the coffee one - -just get out of my way!!

Love the photo! What a fun childhood you must have had...

Linda Hughes said...

Well, you got me. First of all, I rarely go to Starbucks because I'm so damned intimidated...just want a plain old mocha, please.

My hubby was born in Honolulu in 1945. His Mom and Dad had been there for the Pearl Harbor event. Hubby also lived on Midway Island and visited Guam. Loyal (DH) loves the south pacific and so do I. We've been to Tahiti, Morea, Raratonga and a god-awful island called Aitutaki! Almost caused a divorce, that one!!

We made up and have enjoyed the Hawaiian Islands many time.

Fiauna said...

After reading this post, I'm dying to read more stories from your childhood. I've never met anyone with a childhood like the one you had. Super cool.

Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH - what a great experience childhood must have been for you! It sounds amazing. Such adventure!

We're coming to MAUI in August - I'm just hoping it doesn't rain too much... It's Hubby's 50th and that was his pick, so woo hoo! I hope to do one of those tacky luau's one night! Lol - non-tourists must just shiver when we do that.

Shawn said...

Loved that pic of you guys---so amazing----what an interesting life you have had!

Muppet Soul said...

Oh man.. I don't judge people who order complicated coffees - I do judge the ones that order the complicated coffees in a bitchy fashion, like "Umm, hello, if you don't follow these 20 instructions perfectly, clearly you're a moron".

Large ice blended mocha with no whip, please. ( Coffee Bean, Rambler, COFFEE BEAN. Instant cheer up).

Umm, please take me to grab some octopus.

Bub & I LOOOOOOVED Hawaii. We went to Kauai, though ( did I spell that right? probably not). Friggin GORGEOUS. Cannot WAIT to go back. To any Island.